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吴珏辉的新作“倒计时 2.0 | Countdown 2.0”受邀参加在伦敦、上海和阿姆斯特丹举办的“太阳神经丛”新媒体展


MyPeople项目在上海项目落实在与m50视界艺术中心合作举办的展览《太阳神经丛》, 2012年6月1日(周五)举行开幕。太阳神经丛是在腹部的中央神经网络,如果有足够的力量,这方面的命中甚至可以导致心脏停止。本着这种精神,作为第一个由具体形态作为结果的MyPeople项目,并且也是许多参与者相互协作的成果,太阳神经丛是这种努力的一个关键因素。展览将持续一个月,参展艺术家会根据个人特点展出全新的或已有的作品。这些作品中的决大多数是首次一起在上海展出。当然所有参与艺术家都建立了在本国和国际上展出的丰富经验,不过好几位都是首次到中国参展。

呈现十二位艺术家的作品的同时,也将通过与上海,伦敦和阿姆斯特丹的各种艺术专业人士,美术馆,工作坊,和观众的直接互动来完成。期间进行对话,交流思想,知识,技能和艺术家和观众之间的文化交流,本土和国际的,在线和离线相结合的平台推进这种关系网络模式。其目的是提供艺术家一个扩展他们的人际网络的 ,并学习如何使用不同的文化和心态。

The project suggests a new approach to develop a network between artists from Europe and Asia, allowing an intercultural dialogue. The process will result in exhibitions taking place in London, Amsterdam and Shanghai. The project intends to create a more organic discussion and an opportunity for the exchange of views and perceptions between artists, as well as an online and offline artist/audience dialogue.

What are the social and collective conditions of the artistic practice? Is an artwork the result of a singular encounter between the author and the medium, or is it rather the unfolding of a complex network of social encounters and interactions? While past discourse has tended to emphasise the former – perhaps influenced by the puritanical, modernist ideal of The Artist producing work in gloomy solitude and self-inflicted isolation – contemporary sensibility has shifted to the opposite pole. Now more then ever art thrives on the ability to interact and on the willingness of artists to collaborate and interconnect on a global scale. As “networking” becomes one of the most powerful paradigms for contemporary culture, visual art has adopted it quickly and with ease. Of course there is a long tradition in art history of collaborative practice and artistic bodies that span the globe, DADA and Fluxus being the most prominent examples. Yet the current shift cannot be confined to, or defined by, a single movement: there seems to be a profound and radical shift in the very structure of artistic production and interaction that should be noted an examined with great interest and care.

MyPeople aims to embrace this new sensibility: the tendency toward collaboration, collectivity and reinvented social space. It does not strive merely to establish a group of creative individuals exhibiting alongside each other. The project is meant to unleash the network, to free its inner generative forces, to let it unfold from within. We suggest that in order to achieve this the network must disrupt the established structure of artistic projects: it must upset the traditional division of roles that separates artistic practice from the process of curating. In MyPeople each artist takes an active and prominent part in choosing additional contributors. As a result, the expansive, self-generating potential of the network is distributed and shared among its members. The artists, curators, and organisers become equal participants, while the boundaries between their roles remain clear. At the same time, the project, which envisions successive shows in London, Amsterdam and Shanghai, with participation of artists coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, follows another trait of the network, its spatial unravelling, its transcendence of topological singularity. Within the open, self-reproducing network, distances are obliterated; borders become meaningless, hierarchies are disrupted.

The ambition of the project MyPeople is not only to examine this structural shift through the featured artwork, and through related activities, such as events, blogs and remote video conferences between the participants. The project – in the way it has been conceived and in the way it continues to grow from within, driven by the collaboration of its participants – itself embodies the metaphor of networking. MyPeople is not only an implementation of practical steps towards enhanced artistic collaboration but, more importantly, it is a reflection upon the radical shift occurring in visual arts and in the whole contemporary culture.



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